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Dvd Never Enough! Squat and Deadlift Edition, Raamatud ja DVD

Dvd Never Enough! Squat and Deadlift Edition


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Never Enough! Squat and Deadlift Edition

Mark Bell, who has written as “JackAss” online and appears in the documentary Bigger Stronger Faster*, brings his special brand of humor to describing how his team implements the methods he learned by training with Louie Simmons at Westside Barbell. Mark discusses each lifter’s technique during a series of dynamic and maximum effort training sessions. Formed in 2005, members of Sacramento-based Team Super Training represent a variety of heights, weight classes, ages and experience levels. Whether you’re new to powerlifting or you’ve been around a while, you’ll identify with members of the team.


Additional Features: Team member Scott “Hoss” Cartwright gives a frank, behind-the-scenes look at a single-ply meet in which he totaled 2204 lbs and how a change in his training helped him get there; and pro powerlifter Chad Aichs talks about his training philosophies and how he has adapted the “Westside” template to maximize his team’s potential.


Commentary by Mark “JackAss” Bell. Production by Mark Bell and Jim McDonald Widescreen format (some full screen footage) and Dolby sound. 2 hours 11 minutes on 1 disc