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Dvd Strength Stretching, Raamatud ja DVD

Dvd Strength Stretching


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Are Rigid Muscles Robbing You of Your Strength?

Traditional stretching programs weaken you — but stop stretching altogether and you’ll doom yourself to injuries and mediocrity!

Discover the world’s only stretching protocol specifically and uniquely designed to increase — not reduce — a powerlifter’s strength.

Strength Stretching is a virtual must for the powerlifter, novice or advanced. Our bodies change as our body mass increases, mostly unnoticed until lack of mobility and flexibility causes reduced performance, or worse injury. 
Pavel has addressed these issues with time proven methods from the former USSR. Strength Stretching has helped Westside Barbell enormously and I know it will help everyone who is in powerlifting at any stage of the game.” —LOUIE SIMMONS, Westside Barbell

The iron elite knows that ‘being tight’ is critical to making that big lift. At the same time you can’t put up a big squat, bench press, or deadlift without having just the right amount of flexibility and only in the right places. A paradox.

Ignore stretching altogether — and lose power to the joints that ‘don’t bend easy’. Do stretches designed for fighters or other athletes — and toss away strength by the bucket… because you’ll lose your crucial ‘tightness’. Either way, a dead end.

Not any more. Enter Strength Stretching by Pavel, the only flexibility program custom designed to up your squat, up your bench, up your dead!

“Pavel is a fitness visionary. He has been teaching people about whole body functional training when sports scientists and exercise leaders were emphasizing aerobics and muscle isolation bodybuilding techniques. He formulated his methods by combining training principles developed by Soviet and eastern European coaches and scientists, worldwide sports medicine research, and personal experience. His books and DVDs will help athletes increase power, functional flexibility, and neuromuscular control, while minimizing the risk of injury. Coaches, athletes, and sports scientists will benefit from his unique training courses.” —DR. THOMAS FAHEY, Exercise Physiology Lab, Dept of Kinesiology Track and Field Team , California State University, Chico

  • Gain up to 15% on your pulling strength — by learning how to properly arch your back

  • How to arch higher — and bench more — without killing your back

  • Master the Kettlebell Depth Squat — the Russian powerlifting secret for teaching perfect squat and pull form and developing championship flexibility

  • Discover how to release the hidden brakes that are silently sabotaging your deadlift

  • How to relax your turtle traps — and up your dead

  • How to squat with the big boys — without killing your shoulders and elbows

  • How to wide sumo with the best — and make it look easy

“For a couple of years, people have been badly misunderstanding me. I keep saying that “stretching is a waste of time” and what they are hearing me say is “stretching is a waste of time.” Like many others, I always laugh when a big strong burly guy steps into a gym and warms up by tossing his leg up on a barre like he remembered from watching a Soviet dancer do on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1965. Or, the guy who tries to get ready for a street football game by imitating a hurdler and jumping on the ground for a variety of odd twists. 
Pavel’s latest DVD, Strength Stretching made me keep saying “Yes, yes, that is what I mean.” There is a wide chasm between “Toe Touches” and Narrow Grip Overhead Squats in terms of getting one ready…or preparing to improve…an athletic movement. 
In this DVD, Pavel takes us through the Big Three of Powerlifting (Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press) and shows simple movements with Olympic Bars, racks, and benches on how to set up the body to lift more. Let me say this: the section on Wall Squats (hard to explain…easy to understand when you watch) is the single best explanation of squatting I have ever seen. I kept saying, “Yeah…that’s what I mean” as I watched it. That section is worth the investment for anybody still struggling with figuring out the squat. 
John Du Cane and I were discussing the “WTH” effect (“What The Hell”) and I am more and more convinced that expansive periodization and more gear (suits, bands, straps and the illegal kind) that dominate most lifting discussions today are completely ignoring the possibilities of WTH. A few minutes investment (38, I think) of watching Strength Stretching and an honest commitment of taking one or two ideas from the DVD would provide the lifter with a greater total as well as the real “body armor” to protect against injury. 
One thing I really liked about the DVD is the clarity provided by not only Pavel’s explanations but the simple graphics that accompanied the points. I kept having that “Oh” moment where you are convinced you know something, realize that you don’t, then say out loud, “Oh.” The DVD is filled with these and I am a bit humbled today by the realization that I thought I understood a lot of things about flexibility and lifting and realize that I knew little. 
I loved the DVD. A viewer might discover that they may already be doing several of the Strength Stretches but might quickly discover, as I did, that one additional idea or factor can turn that stretch into a game changer. Good Stuff!” —DANIEL JOHN, Salt Lake City, UT