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DVRT The Ultimate Sandbag Training System: For Dynamic Power, Superior Athletic Performance and Enduring Strength, Raamatud ja DVD

DVRT The Ultimate Sandbag Training System: For Dynamic Power, Superior Athletic Performance and Enduring Strength


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Why the Ultimate Sandbag—Properly Used—Has a HUGE Athletic ROI
In the full-contact arena, athletes contend with an ever-shifting set of challenges: sudden changes in velocity, power, force, weight, and energy-demand. The athlete needs to withstand powerful blows directed at any part of the body, to accelerate and decelerate at a moment’s notice, to strike back with blinding power and to remain stable in a highly unstable environment. The athlete needs to be this dynamic—while simultaneously minimizing the risk of personal injury. He needs a cat’s agile movement skills, a bull’s rock-like strength and a stallion’s enduring power.
The rest of us are "everyday athletes". Yet—while the level of physical challenge may be less intense—we can still strive to cultivate the same foundational movement skills, the same foundational strength and the same foundational power. Because we want to be in the best shape we can be—to be truly fit for anything life throws at us…high-energy, less prone to injury, more capable, more self-reliant, vigorous and physically appealing.
Whether as a highly-ranked basketball player, as a strongman, as a coach, or as a personal trainer, Josh Henkin has been on a lifelong search for the perfect tools and the perfect system to cultivate this level of multi-functional athleticism. After years of frustration and years of diligent applied-research, Josh designed a very specific type of sandbag device—and formulated a remarkably thorough training system—which has proven to meet exactly those functional athletic needs. As the name implies, Dynamic Variable Resistance Training (DVRT™) prepares ANY athlete to handle whatever challenge comes their way—with a far greater likelihood of success and with a much-reduced chance of injury.
Besides the magic design of the Ultimate Sandbag itself, the great secret of DVRT is in the skillful use of incremental progressions for the development of strength, power and elegant movement. As a result, you’ll find yourself mastering crucial moves like the squat pattern, much faster. You’ll find yourself a master of whole body synergistic connection. You’ll find yourself challenge by true multi-planar training—with extraordinary benefits for you in the "real" world. You’ll find yourself with a new mastery of inter and intra muscular coordination—the key to high level athletic skill in all activities.
In his extraordinarily thorough and meticulously illustrated DVRT book, Josh Henkin provides a complete blueprint for developing your athletic skills to any level you wish—and for any physical arena in which you need to excel.
“Josh Henkin has revolutionized the functional fitness industry in a very short period of time. His DVRT program has became a cornerstone for elite programs like the US Army Special Forces Recruiting Battalion, SWAT teams, and top fitness facilities from around the world. Coaches from over 80 countries are now using the DVRT system worldwide…and this population is growing at a record pace. Why? IT WORKS.”—ROBERT DOS REMEDIOS, MA, CSCS, MSCC, Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coach, Author
"Easy to understand and well thought out, this is a complete breakdown of Henkin’s DVRT system and all of the movement progressions that are contained within. Complete and thorough, yet concise and simple at the same time—highly recommended!"—ALWYN COSGROVE, owner of Results Fitness, co-author of the New Rules of Lifting series
"I have always been a proponent of odd object lifting. Josh Henkin takes this type of training to a whole new level. The DVRT is a system that truly delivers functional strength gains. This book is not just about learning to lift Ultimate Sandbags, it is about moving better, becoming athletic, and developing dynamic power. The progressions and programming will provide a blueprint for achieving your athletic goals."—JON BRUNEY, author of Neuro-Mass, Guinness Book of World Records holder