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extreme kettlebell workout steve cotter, Raamatud ja DVD

extreme kettlebell workout steve cotter


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All About Kettlebells

If you aren’t already familiar with kettlebells, these compact weights are shaped like a ball with a handle on them. These kettlebells actually come from Russian culture and utilize a momentum-based system of swinging. According to Steve Cotter, this is known as “loaded movement.” It is something that you will hear a great deal about in the Steve Cotter extreme kettlebell training program as loaded movement is the key to the success behind this exercise endeavor.

Here are a few of the reasons why this type of movement works:

  • It increases the load on the skeleton

  • It allows for an almost unlimited range of motion

  • This type of movement allows for a lot of manipulation

  • Loaded movement combines strength, power, endurance and range of motion in one

These are just a few of the many reasons why exercise experts of all types enjoy workouts that utilize kettlebells. However, with the Steve Cotter kettlebell workout program, you get even more as this multi-faceted trainer also combines Daoist martial arts with his kettlebell movements.