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Fast & Loose, Secrets of the Russian Champions with Pavel, Arnold Schwarzenegger ja muu kirjandus, Spordikaubad

Fast & Loose, Secrets of the Russian Champions with Pavel


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Ex-Soviet Union Special Forces strength and conditioning instructor, Pavel, reveals new keys to high performance in martial arts, athletics and sports 

In his strength training books Pavel emphasizes the importance of learning to maximally tense the muscles. Because tension IS strength. But strength/tension is only half of the total performance package. The other half is relaxation. The body of a karate expert will freeze in total tension at the moment of impact, but will remain totally loose before and after.

Mastery of relaxation is the hallmark of an elite athlete. Soviet scientists discovered that the higher the athlete's level, the quicker he can relax his muscles. The Soviets observed an 800% difference between novices and Olympians. Their conclusion: total control of tension = elite performance.

If you can master your muscular tension, a new dimension of athletic excellence opens to you. New achievements. New heights of performance in whatever your sport or martial art. Some genetically-endowed superstars seem to possess this ability from birth. But according to former Soviet Special Forces strength and conditioning instructor, Pavel, a SKILL-SET is available that can transform anyone's current physical limitations.

Now, for the first time, Pavel reveals these little known Soviet relaxation secrets, so you too can become the master of your body - not its victim. From years of research and experience, Pavel has selected these Fast & Loose dynamic relaxation techniques as the best-of-the-best for practical and quick results in martial arts and sports.