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Massage gun, ESMAABI, Spordikaubad, Massaaži tarvikud , Massaažipüstolid

Massage gun


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The massage gun uses vibration technique to help relax tired, sore muscles, stimulate blood circulation and help muscle regenerate. 
It is excellent for supplementing warm-up exercises before sports and relaxing exercises after sports.

It can also help with a variety of muscle and joint pains. Light structure was an important aspect in its design, so we can use it on different muscle groups of our body ourselves. 
The package includes 4 different, replaceable heads that are suitable for massaging different areas of the body. It includes a flat, general head that can be used in all areas of the body, as well as a spherical head that is ideal for larger muscle groups. The third is a special U-shaped head that is excellent for the muscles next to the spine. Head 4 is specifically recommended for joint treatment.


-Number of speeds: 6
-Charging time: approx. 3 hours

Important! If you have more severe joint and / or muscle pain or are known to have related conditions, consult your doctor before use.