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Training with Cables for Strength, Raamatud ja DVD

Training with Cables for Strength


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Leave it to world-renowned grip master John Brookfield to come up with about fifty cable exercises to build your strength and increase your flexibility. And by cables, we're talking about what you might call "chest expanders," like our Fabled Cable set, not a cable machine. To be sure, John targets the upper body, but he also successfully uses cables for leg training, stretching, and neck work, leading you through one exercise after another in his friendly, down-home manner.
Not for lightweights by any stretch of the imagination, this book shows you how to work out with cables to develop usable strength that will help you in any sport or athletic endeavor. Frequent flyers, home trainees, wrestlers, arm wrestlers, shot putters, swimmers, rock climbers -- the list goes on and on -- will all want to read this book, grab a set of cables, and have at it. Join the Resistance!