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Yoga Mat with Exercise Plan, Spordikaubad, Jooga

Yoga Mat with Exercise Plan


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The fitness mat has non-slip properties on both sides.
You can train on it in different positions without fear, without the danger of slipping or injury.
The training mat is made of soft PVC with a thickness of 0. 6 cm.
This thickness of the yoga mat makes yoga exercises extremely comfortable - even in positions where the weight is transferred to a single point.
In addition, the dimensions of the fitness mat allow a comfortable performance of practically all types of gymnastic training.
28 training places were used on the mat for each part of the body.
The list of exercises allows you to remember the training and allows you not to have to think about the set of exercises. 

The mat can be used both lying down and kneeling.
It is also possible, for example, to lie firmly on the elbow - the yoga mat does not deform under pressure.